Content through WordPress Reigns in SEO

content through wordpress reign in seo

Current updates on search engines prioritize the freshness of content and that is why blogging can create a big difference in your SEO campaign. And you will notice that most of the website has a blog extension. If those websites are being updated with compelling content can make a lot of development in your SEO campaign and it will reign in the eyes of the search engines but on the first note if you have a blog hosted in your website with no content it is still useless and at same time if you have no blogs at all in your website it is the same: worthless.

In terms of search engines, Google as the reigning one rates and rank sites through content as number one factor , then by relevancy and popularity. Google loves updated status and that is having fresher content in your site where in it is a priority. When it comes to the best platform for blogging in SEO, WordPress is the King. It gives added value to your site but always remember to update on a regular basis depending on competition. Sometimes updating once a week is not enough therefore learns to search and manage your blog.

WordPress is much SEO friendly and therefore love not only by readers but also by search engines. But how to make your WordPress blog totally hit the mark? Sometimes after customization of your site by using various themes it can sometimes break some of those SEO friendly features. Therefore, here are some things to consider:

1. Always remember to use clean codes. Codes errors can affect your rankings in search engines, therefore have it validated.

2. Post a content that is informative, always remember that content is number on search engines.

3. Always remember the searchers when writing. This mindset can make you develop a SEO friendly site and a much relevant post.

4. In blogging always prioritize your content, your style or some widgets or themes will just follow depending on your content.

5. Since search engines consider relevancy it is important that your keywords, links, tags and titles meet your content.

6. Always make sure that your images and links have description. Content on links and images are helpful also in visibility of your post.

7. With the help of blogrolls, pingbacks and trackbacks, link popularity is present. The one that links to you can be counted by search engines. In link popularity what matter is the one that is linking to you and not how good your site is.

Here is the number one reason why content through WordPress reigns in SEO it is because the post is immediately indexed by Google.

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