Why Conversion Rate Dropped After 1 Month of SEO Campaign?

conversion rate dropped after 1 month of SEO

Conversion rate is one of the most important factors in measuring the online campaign success of a website. A conversion rate is analyzed through the number of visitors performing desired action, whether the said action is manifested through buying the product or service (sales which the ultimate goal of online marketing), filling out a survey form, or other important goals of a web page.

Conversion Rate

So, there are lots of questions arising regarding why their conversion rate is dropping after one month of SEO campaign. Of course, they might think that as soon as they sign up for an SEO service, they will instantly generate many leads. Unfortunately, things do not happen overnight. And we need to consider several things as to why this thing happens, so we could take action.

This is actually a question from one of my SEO consultation. And I have gathered several reasons to explain why conversion rate is dropping after one month of SEO.

Reasons why Conversion Rate dropped

  • Poor User Experience

At the onset, the very first thing that propels users to buy or sign up for a service is their desire or need to buy that product or service. So, what set them to take action to go to your site is the wonders of SEO. Given that, a report from Google analytics showed that the conversion rate is dropping from 50% to 5%, while showing a great number of visits but only a few takes action. What does this mean?

It could be that your site does not consider user’s or visitor’s intention. It could be that your site contains poor design, less interaction tools, poor navigation menus, loading time, invisible contact information, poor content, less compelling tag lines. In short, unattractive, so, you need to redesign your site for better and lasting user experience.

  • Ranking of Vague or General Keywords

Ranking of general or generic keywords can have a huge impact to the conversion rate. These generic keywords do not convert leads into real buyers very well. The best solution is using the exact keywords like if you are promoting pet accessories; do not use “pet accessories” as your primary keyword. Instead, use “pet tags”, “pet collars”, or “dog tags”.

  • Problem with Google Analytics Tracking

Another important issue to look into as to why you are not converting very well is maybe your Google Analytics tracking setup has error. Try to review your Google Analytics. If you are receiving wrong information, like the analytics sometimes track the sales and sometimes doesn’t. There must be an issue with your code snippet. Google recommends putting the code at the top of the body, not at the bottom. The intermittent experience with the tracking is maybe due to people leaving the page before the tracking report has been sent. This can be fixed through putting the code on top of the page.

  • Site Changes

When we are having a client who complains about his conversion rate shifts, the very first thing that comes into my mind is ‘what are the changes we’ve made to the site?’ Because there is a huge possibility that the changes in the site had caused errors or fluctuations of conversion rates which may have a negative impact to the users. Hence, preventing people from completing their order. It could be simple things like a password has changed or having too much trouble with the verification code.

  • Sudden Traffic Blast

Does your site have sudden traffic blast? Has your ad campaign or referral links suddenly driven more traffic to your site? Remember that new traffic does not always count as “qualified traffic” or “real traffic.” Yes, it was optimized and different SEO techniques have been employed to drive more traffic to your website. But the problem still remains; that traffic does not convert real leads! Why? The common problem is that users are directed to the page that they do not like, or to a page that they don’t expect to be at. So, they retract.

  • Merchandise

Your merchandise creates a great impact to your conversion rate. That includes the attractive price and attractive products! When you are on sale, surely your conversion rate is high, given that you are selling highly affordable products in a specific period. Once your big sale is over, expect that the conversion rate will decrease significantly. Or could it be that people no longer find what they are looking for. So, this affects the conversion rate.

In the end, conversion rates could still fluctuate no matter what. It’s part of the challenge of doing business online. The most important thing is not to panic and patience here is important but also you need to overcome this challenge. Determine the causes and make a change. And also, take preventative measure in the future.

And one very important thing to remember is that one month of SEO Campaign is still not enough (that’s why you cannot truly conclude if that would be the reason why conversion rate dropped), it is a CUMULATIVE PROCESS (visible results can be seen after 3 to 6 months and this based on my true experience in SEO).

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