Data Highlighter and Markup Helper: Easy Set-up of Structured Data

data highlighter and Markup helper

It is a given fact that websites creates contents and pages with different data to match a query of a certain user. This blog has plenty of pages that are structured categorically falling under events, news, cases, strategies, updates, reviews, etc. As Google is having knowledge Graph and Google now, it may be hard for my website containing the news to show up in SERP to match a query. With Jack Menzel, we will be discussing here the functions and benefits of two tools newly launched by Google.

Google’s Data Highlighter

It is a tool used to “point and click” the structured data in your pages without changing the site’ HTML.
It supports different types of structured data such as products, local businesses, software applications, TV episodes, etc. With this tool you just have to point and click your mouse in a certain key field in few pages, then it will alert Google for a pattern that will make it similar to other pages. It will consolidate and understood the information and thus will be easy to set up.

How will it function?

If certain user keys in a query for a specific event and you have it in your page, Google will show it on the search results. Therefore, we can say that it is a Google’s way of helping you to make your page having the best content to be seen easily in SERP.

Structured Data Markup Helper

It is an alternative to data highlighter.

Structured Data Markup Helper

Through this tool you can easily add the attribute needed to send signal to Google about the structured data present on your website.

Google aims to provide best results for a query. It can enhance its search results to show that a page maybe from your site is the best match for a query. It can give a more timely result.

How to use it?

Structured Markup Helper is simply easy to use, all you need to do is follow 3 steps.

  • Enter the Page and Select the data type

start tagging

  • Tag the data through highlighting the image or text
  • View the HTML (simply view tagged data and the source code side by side)

HTML Source with Microdata Markup

What does it imply to web owners?

Tools were remain tools unless used with right strategy sufficing the need why the tool has been created. It only means that a tool is useful if you have contents worth showing in the results page. What contents do you need to generate? It should be substantial, informative, updated and factual. Even if you have the Data Highlighter and Markup Helper, your page won’t still be seen in SERP. Create good and quality contents before using the tools provided.

With data highlighter and Mark-up helper we are able to see a much more organized data for a website. Google is simply keeping its promise of giving the most relevant data and delivered with a structured data for much easier understanding about the page plus giving every website owner the opportunity to showcase the best possible data for information.

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