DLinkers Conducts Language Training

Dlinkers Language Training

The aim to improve the quality of written articles produced for international clients made DLinkers SEO Company conduct a refresher seminar for its employees entitled “Grammar Essentials: Basic Grammar Training for Effective Writing,” November 14, 2011 at the Dlinkers office.

Mr. Al-Anson B. Gomez and Mrs. Maricel A. Gomez, the company administrators spearheaded the training day by introducing Ms. Jeneth Angela Marie Ramos, a Broadcasting graduate and the trainer to conduct the half-day seminar for the employees.

DLinkers Language Training
The training was attended by 45 link associates including the administrative staff. Even though all of the employees of the company are graduates of a 4-year degree and has the ability to write content for the web, Dlinkers wanted to promote continual learning as a united endeavor in maintaining and enhancing the search engine optimization services it provide to clients who are businessmen worldwide. The training for effective writing had been a way to review and stimulate every agent’s writing and grammatical skills through healthy discussion and sharing of thought.

In addition, the seminar was not limited in a class of correct grammatical usage. Ms. Jen Ramos, also discussed the right use of phonetics as a backbone of strong English-speaking skills. In concluding the seminar, the trainer gave a brief examination to serve as a “knowledge check” for the link-associates wherein everybody gave a positive result.

The commitment of Dlinkers SEO Company to its professional clients is the primary reason why the company is motivated to be more competent in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

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