Do you Still Remember these Google Products?

Do you Still Remember these Google Products

With the likes of Gmail, Google+, Google Docs, Google Earth, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Books, and Google Blogs, it is easy to forget older Google products. The older products are still very useful and maybe it is time to remind yourself what they were all about.

Have you forgotten about Google Code Search? Google Code Search is an invaluable tool for programmers. The tool enables you to find and browse open source projects. This tool features a lang; operator that limits your results to a particular language. You also get to do the search by file name, by the developer name, and by comments.

Another Google that you have probably forgotten is Google Base. This tool allows you to find job rentals, recipes, vacation rentals and classifieds, and to publish them. This is an important tool in that you get search operators that are data type-specific.

Have you forgotten Google Trends? This tool enables you to determine the interest on a particular topic or word. The tool charts the number of appearances a phrase or a word makes on the World Wide Web. This is an easy way to pit two or more items against each other.

You should not forget about Google Alerts. This is an important product because you get real-time information on the Web pages where your search term/s pop-up. This is an invaluable tool if you have a business since you will know how much hype (or how little) your product is generating. Google Alerts gives instant email notifications. The alerts cover everything from Web results to news items.

Chances are that you have forgotten all about Google Page Creator. If you still have not figured out how to make a Web page, you still need Google Page Creator. The Web-based WYSIWYG site creator enables you to host as much as 100MB of data free of charge.

If you are always on the Internet, never forget Google Notebook because the tool enables you to save snippets, images, quotes, and Web pages in a personal library.

If you are in the U.S., Google Finance should not be forgotten since it enables you to search through U.S. financial data, business news, and opinion.

Most of us use Google News, but many people have forgotten Google News archive. This is an important tool that allows you to go back in history. You can go back 200 years.

Google Search is an industry leader, but you should remember you can get specialized results with Google Patent Search and Google Image Search.

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