You can Now Embed Facebook Status!

embed facebook status

Embedding posts was started by Twitter. Now, Facebook has just rolled out the same technique for you can now embed public posts.

It is easy to embed Facebook posts or embed Facebook status on website. Just click the drop down option on the right side of the post and click embed. A code will generate and you can copy it in your blog. Just like twitter, people can interact within the webpage. You can like or share the post directly from the blog, liking other posts through webpage and visiting photos, comments and hashtags.

facebook embed code

This is how it will appear in your website.

facebook embed

Clicking comments will directly show you the comments of the post while clicking shares easily allow you to share the posts, provided your Facebook account is logged in.

However, embedding posts through Facebook raised some concerns. Before we get into that let us first understand the advantages of it.

Advantages of Embedding Posts

As you know everybody seemed to have Facebook profiles. It has been a place where some updates, notification and even simple quotes from famous people are posted. If you are writing something, you can easily add it to your posts, thus giving him credit and authority to your article. One thing that gives merit to this is the fact that you can directly like the page source of the comment. You don’t have to go and search for it.

If you are writing using the post as your source, or even just making a part of your source makes it look real and believable. Also, as you know Google looks into links, if you simply linked your article to a certain webpage that might alarm Google. But, a real post will look natural and organic.

Rising Disadvantages

As of now this service is launched only with Bleacher Report, CNN, Huffington Post, Mashable and PEOPLE. However, these pages simply give headline through their Facebook. It’s a little hassle when you have to link your post in Facebook when you can do it directly with the original content.

embedded posts coming soon

Another one is that, a public post can go overboard without knowing it. Your posts can spread all over the world. What if it is something that is intriguing and don’t fall with the same context the article of the website talks about. That can compel a person to set posts into private.

Meanwhile Facebook finds this tool helpful to many and it might be available to many users soon. You can see how you can find the best posts to embed though here.

Facebook intention is to ease your work however, it’s your call in terms of what posts to be shared. In your SEO campaigns, you must make use of it for effective and efficient content writing.

What do you think about Facebook Embedded Posts? Share your thoughts below.

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