Facebook Business: Social Search Conversation Tools Rolled Out

Facebook Social Search Conversation Tools

The competition in business has shifted to the online world where customers are engaging themselves in every platform possible. We used to believe that people still rely on search engine for discovering new things while social networking sites are used for conversation and simply to connect with friends or colleagues. However, in the recent survey conducted by Forrester almost 50% of people with ages 18-23 considered social networking sites as their primary vehicle in discovering new things.

Playing with your socials are crucial for the business though Google is still there where people searched most of the time. It’s not just about the investment you can put into it but also the creativity you will embody when targeting the right target market. However, with hundreds of lucrative social networking sites, choosing which platform to focus on is crucial for every business.

You can choose from Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Among these social networking sites you can get the heavy traffic you expected. Glad to say Facebook seemed to be the king of them all providing a business the access to a large audience and data and the ability to target and refined strategy based on user interest.

Introducing the Facebook Social Search Conversation Tools

Facebook has been innovating its platform recently it announced its new social search dashboard. It will act like Google Analytics wherein you will have the breakdown of information about the topics being talked about by your market and the demographics of the people who talked about the topic. Through this you can get along with your market and can cope with their fats and changing demands. It aims to create a higher conversion rate for your social investment.

However, the roll out was slow because it was only available to a few organizations such as Buzzfeed, CNN, NBC News, Sky Television, and Slate. This social search dashboard is believed to counter Twitter hashtags. Calculating who, how and what people are talking about in the social media will allow you focus your strategy and get better results. Thanks to the New York Times for sharing about this interesting tool and here is their featured content:Facebook Offers New Windows Into Social Conversation by Vindu Goel.

Facebook Social Search Conversation Tool
Source: The New York Times

Thoughts about this tool? Reactions? Here it is:

With this tool, Facebook can give meanings to every like, comment, and other activities within it. We can say that it will have access to our privacy. An issue about this can arise because a user’s posts whether good or bad can be accessed by Facebook. If you don’t want to let others see your posts, make sure that your privacy settings are set to private.

On the business side, the social dashboard can be of great help. You can take advantage of the benefits of this tool such as audience growth, engagement and monetization.

Another advantage of using this tool is that you can measure and evaluate your strategies. You can also closely monitor how the people react on your advertisements and other marketing efforts both in the offline and online world. It serves as a rendezvous point where you can see which field of business you should further develop with.

Is it giving us a hint on the future of Social Search?

Will searches be more lucrative with social media sites? The answer is it will depend on what you are looking for. Social searches can be more beneficial if you are looking for events or direct response about a product or a service and a testimonial or review. But, it will not replace search engine for providing direct information about many other things.

However, when each of these social networking sites innovate its platform and make it a productive platform for searches, a time will come that people will simply click its search button rather than searching it through Google.

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