Freshness Matters in Content Building

freshness in content


With the current updates in algorithm there are things to be considered. And as Google tweaked that freshness of content matters we have to take note this one. In content building it’s important to make it a habit that fresher content are to be posted.

Posting an updated content is always a pro, it’s not only better to the eyes of the crawlers but of course it even more better for readers and if it is compelling you have a higher chance of making your content to go viral partnered with a title that is unique and attractive. You don’t have to be a marketing expert to make it viral just no your target audience and be ready to spread the words.

And in SEO fresher content do matters and that is why if you’re campaigning for a business site it’s important to create an article that is referring to your new offerings and create a title that can go viral and after posting be sure to have a social media campaign for it. When it comes to blogging it’s better to post about recent events or hot issues like breaking news, frequent updates or products reviews.

Why freshness matters?

  • Everyone are always excited to here news even the crawlers.
  • It’s more interesting.
  • Updates our knowledge databases.
  • Faster to get indexed.
  • Always good to the eyes of search engines.

The end point is that no one wanted to be late in hearing the updates. Hearing the latest news is always captivating.

Al Gomez

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