Can you use the Google Disavow Tool without Manual Action?

The Google Disavow Tool is useful in removing the links you don’t want your site to be associated with any longer. It is your best tool to ensure that you will get a penalty from Google and your rankings won’t vanish in a click. The tool as has been discussed in the previous blog is often the last resort when you are into removing links. It is an effective way of shielding yourself against the algorithmic punishment. However, most webmasters tend to use this tool only after receiving the manual action when everything has been tumbled down, rankings are low and traffic has dropped.

As an old adage says…

“an ounce of prevention is worth than a pound of cure”.

The tool embodies this old maxim. It can be a preventive technique to ensure that your website is safe from the hits of Google.

When to use the Google Disavow tool?

You can use the tool even without the manual action. In his video here, he elaborated the following scenario allowing you to freely use the tool:

• You saw an unnatural pointing to your site but the webmaster won’t remove the link. Since you don’t have the log in information of the site, you can’t compel them to remove it. In this case, use the Google Disavow Tool.

Eliminating the effect of negative SEO. Some SEO services simply want to pull their competitors down to get up in the SERP. If you suspect that you have been a victim of this unethical and underground technique, discredit the links upon seeing it.

The link is not relevant to your site. You stumbled a link that is highly irrelevant and you don’t want to be associated with, get rid of it using the tool.

There are link bomb attacks that may hurt your site. It is a threat to your website, so you must eliminate it.

Your links are not safe enough and that someone might submit a spam report. If you have lots of competitors working underground, you must be clear and clean in case they tried to sabotage through submitting a spam report.

There are indications that your rankings dropped because of unnatural links which are susceptible to Google’s Penguin algorithm.

You are anxious about the link and you think it is not appropriate for your website.

The tool is used when you had bad links or hired bad SEO services that built bad links on your account. You tried to remove but simply can’t. However, at any instance when you feel that any of the circumstances above is felt or experienced even without manual action, don’t hesitate to use the disavow tool. In lieu of this, you have to be sure that the link is entirely useless to your site and you want to get rid of it. Not all links are bad, but all bad links should be eliminated and there are still individuals that can help you.

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