Can Google Be Wrong in Sending Manual Spam?

can google be wrong

Nobody is perfect. You can never be perfect. Does it apply to Google too? Google is a search engine, a system that uses a standardize process in generating results that will benefit the users. Well, Google also laid down all its guidelines and policies. If you fell beyond it, surely you will be punished. However, Google also provides ways how you can avoid the penalties. That’s what your Disavow tool is there for. However, as it is just an algorithm, or even people putting the commands, is there any room for Google errors? What can we do about it?

Last August 28th, there has been a post or a query in Google’s webmasters forum crying for Google’s alleged errors of determining an unnatural link affiliated with his site where in they have received a manual spam action message having as an example. He or they stand firm that the link from a certain blog ( was not influenced nor forced; it was their own blog that generated a link pointing to his site ( and take note the blog is having a PR of 7.

Backlink in Question

Actually, the site Fashion For Home has been receiving unnatural link warnings from Google. The request for reconsideration was declined. So, you think Google was unfair to them? I believe, no. The request was not processed, because they did not do what Google expects them to do. They base their standard of a link through their own understanding of what it is and not how Google perceives it. Remember that Google looks into many aspects such as whether you created the link to manipulate their ranking system, the site to which the link is not qualitative or your own website does not contain what Google requires.

As to the person who complained about Google’s decision of tagging the link as unnatural, you should have done what Google tells you to do. Remove that link even if you think it is not unnatural. If you don’t aim rankings for that “money keyword”, it won’t hurt you, right?

In addition, if you saw that there was a link pointing to your site which you didn’t expect. Don’t jump into conclusion that it is natural. A high PR blog does not give you a guarantee that it is not a spam. The truth is you can now find fake PRs. Also, you have the right over the link created for your site and you are responsible for it. You have the right to ask the moderator of the blog to no-follow the link or disavow it at your end.

Google can be wrong in some ways but this wrong can be corrected by their own system. If the algorithm tells you that it is wrong, you must do your part. Take note that we all follow the rules of Google and not yours. They may be wrong for us but the last say will come from them. If you think you did your part, send a reconsideration request again and see what happens next. Though, the sad part is you can’t contest their decision, the best solution is to abide their rules and suggestions.

Source: SEORoundTable & Google Product Forums (For more about this issue you can go to this specified link.)

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