How to choose keywords for SEO

choosing keywords

keywords for seoSelecting keywords for your site sounds very easy but have you ever tried to formulate one? To tell you, thinking of the right and the best keyword that will represent your site is a challenging task. Why? Because you do not only think of the words or phrases without considering the relevance and the popularity of those words to increase the availability of your site to the visitors. By the way, the two elements which I mentioned should always be present in the process. Relevance and Popularity. If you choose a relevant keyword but is not popular or is not searched on, then, you will not succeed. The same with popularity over relevance. In other words, the keyword should be broad plus relevant and popular to be actively searched by the users. So, to make the process easy, here are the tips that should be consider.

First in line:

  • Use overlapping keywords. Creating a keyword that overlaps can help to optimize your site. How? For example, your keyword is “Selecting the best keywords for SEO”. Using the overlapping method, other related keywords like “SEO best keywords, “keywords for SEO and “SEO keywords” will also be optimized.
  • Use of Plural Keyword. Plural over singular. Plural keywords are preferred over singular to see which version of the keyword are the most popular and often searched by users.
  • Misspelled Keywords. If you want to practice professionalism in your site, avoid using misspelled words. This will create a “not good” image to your company.
  • Hyphenated Keywords. Be careful when using hyphenated keywords because they may look confusing. There are search engines that consider hyphenated words as two words rather than one. If possible, avoid using them because search engines might think that you have two keywords instead of one.
  • Local Keywords . You can actually use them but you have to consider that availability of your product to the market. If it is available to other places and countries, then, it is not advisable to use local keywords unless your products can only be found within your society.

So, what do you think is the best keyword for your site? Remember, keywords speaks for your company’s image. So, think WISE before you decide!

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