LinkRisk Tool: How it Helps You Identify the Risks

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Getting inbound links was used to be the hot topic, either the ‘right way’ or the ‘wrong way‘, as long as you gained tons of it. Since Google introduced a couple of animals to the SEO world, everything has changed. Suddenly, it’s all about getting the right links, not just by getting them but by removing them.

Many tools have been conceived; offering you lists of good links and now giving you list of ‘bad links’ as well, and in an attempt to protect you from becoming like the next Interflora. These tools come from specific angles and all are focusing not just the links. There is a new tool that could give you a complete insight of all your links, including the ones that could help you understand your status. This is called LinkRisk.

What is LinkRisk?

The name suggests its meaning. LinkRisk tool checks at each of your link profile and analyzes the links for you, whether they are coming from good sites or bad sites. LinkRisk is a high level of backlink analysis and profiling tool that checks if your site is at risk because of the profile links.

LinkRisk tool uses an algorithm to analyze the score for your website to detect how high is the risk and helps you prevent from becoming the next Interflora. This tool pinpoints the high risk links and shows you where are they coming from, where are they pointing at and what links you need to work on to improve your site’s status. It also shows you the ‘good links’.

Paul Madden for LinkRisk:

Paul Madden for LinkRisk

And also from Paul: “How to Spot a Shitty Link

What Makes LinkRisk Different?

One of the major differences that set LinkRisk apart from the rest is its Riskscore. The Riskscore will give your site a score on how much risk is there for you with the inbound links you have.

When you get excited at looking on the high score that the LinkRisk generates, don’t be! Because that means the other way around. The higher score you got, the more trouble you are in. So don’t get excited yet. LinkRisk analyzes the score for each of the links on different levels, like giving each type of risk a link color. See below.

Link Risk Litmus Scale:

Link Risk Litmus Scale

How LinkRisk Works?

If you choose a LinkRisk tool to analyze your website, there are various options to choose from, like the types of plans to sign up for. Then, you can set up a link profile for your site or another site. When setting up a profile, some questions are asked which makes you think why they still need to know that. For instance, What SEO efforts you’ve been used and what company you worked for.

These questions may be probing but they are actually very valuable information. They help you determine what kind of risk you are taking. This LinkRisk tool has a large database that contains information about all kinds of links that they are used to determine the present risks of your site.

After you finished set things up, your LinkRisk tool goes to work. Based on the size of your website, it takes a while to generate the report. You can just easily move on with your tasks and they will give you a message or an alert once it’s done.

What Can You Get?

Once the results are in, you can now see your score. If LinkRisk shows the color in green, then your site is looking good! Take note that once you’ve set your profile with LinkRisk, it continues to generate report and expect that your score could change.

Your site profile will give all sorts of information. You could see the overview of a domain with the number of unique domains and pages. On the right corner of the page, it shows a circle with anchors, status of links and Good vs. Bad links. When you scroll over, you can immediately get the initial report about the status of your links.

So, LinkRisk gives you a lot of information to your link profile. What you are going to do with it? Lots of SEOs know exactly what they are going to do. But LinkRisk also directs you on what to do next. What is excellent about this tool is that it will help you get your link profile in order. It aims to manage it all including getting a disavow document and sending that to Google as soon as possible.

So, is LinkRisk the tool worth using and investing? Of course, it is. This tool provides you helpful information. It’s one of the best tools in SEO today.

How do you find this tool? Please share your experiences below.

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