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making videos get indexed with schema

While searching on the internet you’ll probably noticed that one of the most common results in search engine are videos and that is why it is important that our videos are get indexed easily. And what’s the latest update about this? To make indexing of videos possible, Google, Yandex, Microsoft and Yahoo! collaborate to make mark up for videos. With that, their team effort is currently the best way to describe videos on the web. This one is truly a great idea in order to make our videos get indexed and this mark up is very easy to be done and applicable to websites. So what are you waiting for?

Before applying this mark up let me introduce to you what I’ve found out from my readings. It is very easy to do it is like adding a typical data. All you need to do is to define the itemscope, type and always have it check that you set its name, proper description and thumbnailURL properties. And your added mark-up is like the example below:

<div itemscope itemtype=””>
<h2>Video: <span itemprop=”name”>Title</span></h2>
<meta itemprop=”duration” content=”T1M33S” />
<meta itemprop=”thumbnailURL” content=”thumbnail.jpg” />
<meta itemprop=”embedURL”
content=”″ />
<object …>
<embed type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” …>
<span itemprop=”description”>Video description</span>


As you can see above it is truly very simple and can be easily added. And take note with this video mark-up it cannot affect any of your Video Sitemaps or your feeds. The creator are actually recommending to make use of it order that it can boost the indexing process and if there is an additional Videos added the search engine can be easily notified and Eureka!, indexing will happen.

Take note also that this mark-up has also video platform restrictions, video country restrictions according to the creators that is why they have created Webmasters EDU microsite .

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