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Previously Facebook has announced : “You can Now Embed Facebook Status!“, but it is only available on limited accounts ( Bleacher Report, CNN, Huffington Post, Mashable and PEOPLE) but now just like Twitter embeds it is now open to EVERYONE. Maybe you are excited to try the Facebook Embed Posts option because for me I am truly excited to have it here, since Twitter is not only the option now and it seems that Facebook is their current tight rival.

Before trying to post it I have done some researched first and that is why I have found out Cynthia Boris post on Marketing Pilgrim wherein she has encountered some code errors when she tried to embed a video post and you can read the whole article here. Now it’s my turn to try it also.

First I want to try embedding a post here using my Facebook page, wherein the first thing that you will do is to click the Embed Post option.

how to embed post

Then just copy and paste the code to your website.

embed facebook code

And let’s see if it is truly working on a WordPress site.

Seems that the code is working here with image post but I tried also embedding a video post just like what Cynthia  did on a WordPress site, but unluckily I find it hard to post it here, just by copying and pasting the code, it seems that it is not working. So here is my experience with video embedding post. At first I tried going to Facebook official page and tried if its video is working out.

From Facebook official Page, I checked out one of the videos being shared and copied the code.

embed video post

And when I tried pasting it here as just what I have said unluckily nothing appears. I even tried using “Get your Embedded Post Code” but still there is no effect.

So my next move is to investigate the possible reasons why it is not working. Since it is only shared by Facebook Official Page (wherein I thought that maybe there is something wrong with the source), therefore, I go to Facebook Mobile Official Page  since  it the original source of the video post and what I have found out?

‘No embed post option’

cannot embed video

But here is another interesting experience that I have found out, it is the angle experienced by Cynthia, in order to prove if the code is working or not I must try it. Therefore, I look for the same video posted by Cynthia wherein it is a video from Mumford and Sons (wherein unlike from Facebook Mobile, it has an embed option which I copied and tried pasted it here).

And luckily it is working  here (on a WordPress site). For me I see it that blogging platform is not the problem but it is more on Facebook’s side, seems that they are still working on video embed posts (that’s why we have encountered some errors), however when it comes to image or text post, you can easily embed it on your website and the good thing is that it is now available to everyone as long as you have a Facebook account.

What about you guys, have tried it? Did you encountered some problems on embedding a video posts?

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