Soar Higher with SEO through Raven Tools

soar higher with SEO through Raven tools

Raven is an all in one internet marketing platform that can boost your website performance. Ever wonder what can make your analytics, social media, content and PPC can do for your website. Raven tools will teach you why you need to know about it.

It’s not really free because you have to spend $99 for it. But you can do more. To test how far Raven tools can do for me, I have tried it with their 30 day trial period.

Basically you need to create an account and enroll your website. And choose the task you want to run, from SEO, social media monitoring to Adwords campaign management.

raven tools

Under each of the above shown tabs, you can see the performance of your website. You can also customize it to show relevant information you need. You can also download PDF file of your reports. This tool is actually amazing allowing you to see the full view of your campaigns. Through this tool you can validate your strategies if it has been affecting your website or not.

Here’s what this website got. By simply seeing this table you can create some analysis. However, to further break down the data you gathered you can proceed with understanding how better it is with your competitors.

Understanding Competitors

Raven tools also allow you to view a snapshot of how you perform compared to your competitor. Here’ show it looks.

seo metrics

The point of comparison will include SEO metrics, Site Metrics, Social Metrics, and Local listings. You can add up to 2 competitors at a time.

You can also add Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Basically, this is what you will get with the tool.


This is a very rich tool to inspect how your website is doing whether in the SEO, Social, or Ads scheme.

track seo, social media and ads

At the content tab, there’s where you can create a draft of your article and save. You can put your meta descriptions, links and other attributes your content needs. You can track your contacts as well as your content. While in the link section, you can have link manager, site finder, and backlink explorer which are all important in understanding your linkscape. At the last part, you can see reporting. As mentioned it can extract an easily understandable report to let you see where you may have missed and where your competitors are doing good.

How will this be helpful to your campaign?

This tool is helpful in the evaluation process of your SEO and social media optimization. If your client would ask how far you are doing, you can show the results with figures, bold and solid. Also, you can see what areas will need further improvements. This is important in capitalizing in your strengths while improving your weaknesses. You can also create an analysis and employ strategies to beat the competition.

In general, Raven tools functions as SEO Software, Social media manager, Content marketing and PPC manager. It can inspect your keywords, schedule your contents and manage your pay per click advertising.

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