SEO – Ways to Handle Duplicate Content

seo ways to handle duplicate content

Duplicate content. Some of you might not be familiar with the term but for site owners who runs a large website, this two words are very much common to them. This is the usual problem that they encounter that may pose a threat to their site. The term that I have mentioned, refers to the page of your site which has a duplicate content. To make it it clear to you, let’s take this one as an example. Let’s say that your site is selling a product. In this case, there is a chance that you might list the product in the different categories. If your customer will follow the specific item, he or she will end up in pages with the same content. This can result to a poor user experience if the costumer sees the same repeated content within you site.

To address this problem, SEO companies had formulated some steps to avoid duplicate contents. Here are as follows: First, they can use Robots.txt to block the duplicate pages to the crawler’s view. The duplicate pages will be directed away and any outside links to that excluded page will not be visible. Second, is to use the “noindex/follow” which can be found in the Meta Robots tag. This method will inform the crawler to index the duplicate page and only follow the links that can be found there. Though, many people are unsure if this method really works, some are still eager to try using it. Third is the 301 redirect method that will tell bots to get the information of the duplicate pages and put it to another page. This method will combine all the duplicates to one page which will be added to the index. In addition, using a canonical link tag help will enhance the user’s experience through the benefits that they can get from the 301 redirect.

Remember that this problem will possibly occur, if you as a site owner is not clever enough in maintaining the availability and importance of your site’s content. But if problem like this occur, be ready to ask help from SEO Expert.

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