SeoSiteCheckup For Easy Evaluation of the Website


One good thing about SEO is that you can check if you are still on the right track. You can have lots of tools to see if the website is benefitting from your SEO campaign whether it is from onsite or offsite optimization. One of these is

As usual I tried it on my website. It’s easy to use. No need to signup. Simply enter your URL and click. You can also filter results by clicking what factor you are more interested with.

seositecheckup tool

I’m glad because it gave me several insights on the following aspects:

  • Page Size
  • HTML Compression/GZIP Test
  • Site Backlinks
  • Meta Tags Analyzer
  • Most Common Keywords
  • Headings Status
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • URL Canonicalization
  • Nested Tables
  • Images Expires Tags
  • Favicon
  • Page Objects Listing
  • Images

All of these are important in your onsite optimization. It will tell if your website was able to follow the guidelines. Seositecheckup also provides the level of importance of each factor. Green for successful check, yellow for medium importance and orange for high importance.

metatag analyzer

If it’s green, it means that you have successfully placed what the website needs. In this attribute, alseoblog provided the title same with its meta description and other attributes. This mean, you can breathe well because you were right in that area.

sitemap xml

On the other hand, with this corner, you can see that it has yellow orange on the left side. Well, it is just tagged with medium importance but you should correct whatever is wrong with your website. Disregarding it might give you more trouble in the future.keywords

Another indication that you need to prioritize for correction is the attribute where there is an orange bullet in the left side. In this case, you need to fix it promptly. It must have affected how your website performs.

It provides useful suggestions through a rollover help pop-ups for each section. As it analyzes the website it provides explanations regarding the failure of checking and ways to resolve it.

How does this tool help you?

There are times that you know something is wrong with your SEO but you can’t really tell what it is. This tool helps in checking up your website to allow you to perform corrective measures. Also, it will allow you to prioritize your actions depending on the level of its importance.

The suggestions provided by the tool simply give you directions what to do. You still need to look for how it should be done through Google webmaster guidelines. The site does not precise provide what to do next. Thus, the last call will still base on your strategies.

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