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Image Optimization
Make your image Shout Louder

Nowadays more and more are getting attracted with images. As Pinterest enters the social media and currently ranking as top 3 it marks the images to show the world what it got. Images can speak a thousand words and can fascinate viewers mind and that is why it is essential that we must maximize the visibility potential of an image. It is not same as just posting an image in a photo album but there are important attributes that needs to be consider in making the images alive on search engines.

And as the last time I have tackled about infographics which answer the challenging presentation of message and now let’s develop a habit of checking its attribute and properly labeling it in order that it can be easily identified. Although viewers or visitors can read what the image is saying about but do you know that search engines can’t read it therefore there is a need to make it visible on search results.

To make it simple I have here a list on what to do:

1. Don’t forget the Alt text
This is on top list to do since as I have said search engines can’t read images without proper tagging, we can read what images are presenting to us. For example when you are going to post about images for NBA Finals you need to put an alt text for your image tag like <img src=”nba-finals.jpg” alt=”NBA Finals” /> it is same like in article writing this one is your keyword.

2. Consider file name
There are times that file names matter especially when you’re a blogger sometimes you forgot to name your image file properly and instead for example you just label it with a number like 1.jpg, therefore if you are going to have a file name choose a title file name that you want to rank on search rankings.

3. File Size matters
Although Google have said that page load does not matter in rankings but we are still going to consider the file size for the benefit of your visitors since uploading an images that is too much for your post can ruined the interest of the readers wherein they are going to search for similar site as yours, therefore it can hinder your optimization process.

4. Captions Matters
Although right now there is no direct relation with the search rankings but since we are going to maximize visibility of images this one must have value in order that it can’t contribute to the bounce rate of a website where in a user clicks on your page or open your website but closes your website immediately and back on search engine results.Why image caption are important? After headline, caption is the next , so be sure to have a catchy caption that can capture your reader’s attention.

Images are powerful tool nowadays, therefore those are simple things to do but if properly done you can maximize the potential of your images. Make your image shout out loud now!


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