Is the SEO Industry in Trouble for 2015?

Search engine optimization is not just dynamic – it’s an ever evolving sector. Between the years 2011 and 2013, there had been so many changes that some even believed SEO to be dead. In truth, search engines and the world in general, were simply growing. Those were able to keep up, survived. Those who were never able to recover, vanished.

For those of us who remained, we are vigilantly expecting what the year has in store for us. 2014 alone brought us a couple of changes; including a Penguin and Panda update, the development of mobile labels, and more localized search. With each update, we had to modify our own strategies to cope with varying demands – both from search engines AND clients.

One can’t help but think: will 2015 be the year that SEO will lay to rest? Or will it be a stepping stone towards a fresher perspective about the industry?

Google Updates To Be Harsher on Content

Semantic search, content diversity, earned links, relevancy…we all know how important these factors are in today’s SEO. But why are there still spammy websites that rank in search engines? Although their algorithms have undergone refinements, they can’t possibly tackle every single website that gets published every hour, worldwide. Especially in the case of older sites, it’s much harder to kick them out of the list due to authority they built up over the years.

Google vs Content

So if Google and other search engines will roll-out another update by next year, expect it to be more brutal on content. If you or your client are still doing guest blogging tactics for instance, make sure that these are of high quality AND superbly useful for users. Include relevant videos, original images, and even downloadable extras (like ebooks). Before 2015 sets in, we recommend checking your sites’ content for any duplicates, irrelevant links, or keyword stuffing.

Links To Be Earned – Not Bought or Created

Links are still – and always will be – an essential part of SEO. Whenever high-ranking websites link to each other, as well as related pages within their site; they’re telling Google how valuable their content is. 2015 may be the year that backlinking may slowly come to an end, only to be replaced by earned links from blogging, social media, and sponsorships.

links are earned

This means you must get authoritative websites (preferably in your niche) to link back to you. How? Reach out to them, engage with them on social media, and create content so amazing they would WANT to link to it. Care for your readers, ask them to pass on the information to friends and family. Social signals play an important role on ranking, so don’t ignore your online profiles.

Optimizing Content for ALL Types of Mobile Devices

You’re probably aware that we should optimize content for smartphones and tablets. But what about other gadgets like the Apple Smart Watch and Google Glasses? They may not be great examples right now, but think about the future. Every 6 months, there’s a new innovation in town. That means SEO experts shouldn’t just narrow their focus on already popular devices BUT instead, ready their teams to face upcoming tech.

Hire experts on the web development and design department. It doesn’t have to be a huge unit. What matters is that they’re on the forefront of what’s in with the industry.

ROI is Necessary

Modern SEO by 2015 will not end with being number one. A website could be on among the top 3 in Google and get no increase in profits. This means that SEO companies must put effort in getting leads, boosting sales, and earning more profit for their clients. Being number 1 is only the beginning: you already achieved visibility, now it’s time to reel users in and make them take the bait.

We can bet that there will be more changes to come for SEO in 2015. Not exactly in the form of algorithm updates; but more in terms of strategies, user focus, and long-term investment. The real question here is NOT if SEO will disappear – rather, if SEO experts could catch up.

Is YOUR SEO ready for 2015?

Al Gomez

SEO Consultant, Online Marketer & Blogger, Web Developer & DLINKERS Founder.

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