Well designed Google Quick view Can meet the Standard of SEO

Well designed Google Quick view

What is the most important when we are surfing the net the content or the design? I think both of them are important so that the site can meet the standard of SEO. If you noticed, when you visit Google you have a chance to preview some web pages by just simply clicking the small icon “quick view” this is called Google quick view. Clicking the said icon will open a PDF document immediately to your browser with correct graphics and tables if necessary.

This means that if your web page is not well organized you will get a decreasing number of visitor unless if your site is on the top rank. Furthermore Internet users prefer to explore results that has an organize page even the site is on the page two or three of the search engine. Also, if the site is good in Google quick view it will receive up to 25% more traffic from numerous keywords. On the other hand SEO firm don’t allow full flash website because it is not supported by the Quick view and clients prioritize Google quick than full flash website. It is also clear that Google Quick view do not allow fast replacement tools such as cufon and sifr because this will be invisible on the preview mode and may affect the traffic on the site.

On the contrary for well designed websites, the quality of the preview mode is really great but the problem is, it’s really gorgeous to the point that the design is not appropriate if we talk about web designing.

The following are recommendations and tips for web designers and lay out artist to meet up the standard of SEO.
1. Site must have big headings and must have USP’s (Unique Selling Prepositions), this is a marketing concept, also applicable on online businesses, this will help to increase the visit on your site.

2. As mentioned above don’t use font replacement technologies, just find something more stylish design that you can use.
3. Don’t use full flash, it’s useless because it is not supported by Google Quickview.
4. If you designed your sites a lot more space between them especially on images and text areas. Crappy designs and contents is not good in Quick view.
5. I you are working on online business use big images of your products and make sure that the web design can catch the attention of your target audience. In addition thumbnails is not really good in Google Quick view.

Keep this, as a reminder. First, Google have the ability to caching and storing visible snapshots of web pages, so if you want to make changes in your design, you’ll need to wait for a Google Quick view version to update.

In SEO firm there is one thing that need to be explore, it is the concept of ethical cloaking. SEO is still working on this, it might be able to make an optimize Google Quick view version of a certain webpage by using server-side user agent detection, so that it will be able to send the Google bot to a Quick view optimize webpage. On the other hand it is worth to keep Quick view in mind for your next design. Also, we can learn more if we try to explore its impact on visitation from search engines. The most important about Google Quick view is that if a web page has gain a lot of clicks from people who viewed it on a Quick view mode, Google will adjust the algorithm of the site.
People want instant results nowadays thats why Google adjust its system to provide accurate and faster service to its user that’s why they states this statement on their about section “ “We are constantly working to provide you with more relevant results so that you find what you’re looking for faster.”In my point of view maybe time will come that people’s dealing about Quick view can affect the website rank.

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