What to do when your keywords dropped after Panda Effect?

What to do when your keywords dropped after Panda Effect

panda effectRecently, Google updated the new algorithm called “Panda”. Bloggers, Adsense earners, SEOs, and some other online professionals were affected of the said change in Algorithmn. My blog was also affected of this update. Many of my blog posts were being copied without my permission. Since then my blog site was flagged as low quality site. Aside from the content issue, three of my keywords drastically dropped its ranking in major search engines. I am a SEO Consultant for five years and this is the time to measure again my understanding in SEO. The challenge is to uplift the ranking of my keywords such as: seo specialist #3, seo expert #6, seo consultant #8 in Google.com I know this will be time consuming because the result for SEO effort is not instant.

For others out there, here are some tips that I can share to ensure that your site will not be affected by Panda Update:

  • Check your website pages. Make sure your site have quality and relevant content. Place original-source meta tag to claim that you own the article as the original version. Stop copying or scraping articles from other websites.
  • Setup a Google webmaster account. Review your site if Google flagged any of your page content as duplicate, if so, fix the problem. It will help boost up your keywords ranking again.
  • After making changes to your website, remove excessive ads or website monetization.
  • Continue building  quality backlinks to your website. DON’T SPAM!

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