What’s the real score about duplicate content?

real score about duplicate content

Since Google has started its Panda update which targets that duplicate content or having low-quality, it was not actually clear what they really mean until Matt Cutts has a new webmasterhelp video in YouTube which was posted last May 16, 2012 which I also posted here. This video can enlighten you on what they really mean about unique and valuable content.

In this video John Mueller from Zurich Switzerland asked if posting similar news update will this one be considered as duplicate where in Matt Cutts answered that for example if the same news story was posted 17 times, the readers or searchers would probably don’t want to read it, therefore it simply a waste of time to post that same news story.

And these are what Google wants:

A site that…

  • Considered to be more reliable in terms of what he is posting or sharing to the public
  • Featuring original posts, sharing their expertise
  • Writing the unique edition of an article or a story

duplicate contentMatt Cutts is just simply saying that if you are expert on a particular topic or niche you don’t have probably to worry on what to post. Emphasizing expertise is merely saying to us what Google wants as unique and valuable content. This is also implying that in reusing syndicated content or what others are posting about, although you rewrite it or it is technically not duplicated but still the Big G doesn’t want this kind of content, they wanted us to make our version, which is unique and have a newer angle. It is just like sharing the same thought but you have added value wherein you are going to open up the new angle of the story which in turn can create a buzz. Additionally, in this video it is also emphasizing that if you’re not expert about a particular topic it would be probably harder to write although you gathered your thoughts from different sources but that would still create not the quality or valuable content that they are expecting and the end point is that this will be hardly to get noticed. One thing that Matt is also implying that creating an original story can increase your website traffic and of course it can be talked about but if you are just rewriting a scoop with no added value it would probably get although that’s the trending topic.

And the part that I personally like is when Matt mention about Mike Masnick wherein he will not write unless he had a great score about that topic or he hasn’t tackled it yet which really inspires me in sharing you added value in every post I will share with you. Thanks Matt, this one is really a great help. These things are always noted every time I will share my new post. Write about your expertise and create a unique scoop and publicize it since always remember that Google is giving its best to give the valuable content in search results.



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