WordPress 3.5.2 Answers Security Issues

WordPress 3.5.2 Answers Security Issues

This is a new update to fix WordPress 3.5. Last June 21, 2013, WordPress 3.5.2 was released aiming to improve the security of your website. When 3.5 was released there has been lots of issues on bugs deeply hidden on the website. Though it was not itemized how the security was changed, here are some reported fixes done with this release :

WordPress Update version 3.5.2:

• Server-side request blocked to avoid forgery attacks. Your website will not be viewed by an attacker.

• It will not allow comments or contributors who publish posts improperly.

• SWFUpload external library and external TinyMCE library updated that fix issues on cross-site scripting.

• Allows you to avoid disclosure of full file path when the uploading files.

• It also prevents service attack denial that affects sites with password-protected posts.

wordpress 3.5.2
WordPress 3.5.2 security feature

There are 12 bugs that were fixed.
bugs that were fixed

How can you update your WordPress?

There are two ways in updating your website. You can either do an automatic or manual update. In both ways, you need to keep a back up file for your website. It is important so that whenever there is issues while you are updating it will be easy to restore your website. With automatic update you have to meet the following criteria:


On the other hand manual update will require you to replace WordPress files, remove .maintenance file and update your installation. To know more about these steps visit WordPress’ instructions .

WordPress is among the top used hosts for website mainly because it is user-friendly and multi functional. Add to that the different plug ins you can use. As WordPress is also updating and innovating its platform, there can be some mishaps that will be missed out. To keep upbeat with WordPress functions you must be vigilant of updates on your dashboard.

WordPress Updates

If you don’t update your blog often, you may not be able to see updates directly but after a couple of days. Updates like this should be installed immediately to make sure that your website is safe and protected.

Remember that it is truly essential to update or else you can suffer consequences which can affect your site’s security. WordPress sites are great avenue in sharing and getting information but if it is not maintained or you don’t care about your site’s security it can have a higher chance for hacking and can harm your site’s visitors and that way it can also be a cause of creating a bad impression about your site. Therefore, prevention is always better and this update is truly a great for those who are owning WordPress Sites.

So, don’t forget to update your site.

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